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The Special Laundry Care for use with outdoor and functional sports clothing in the washing machine or a bowl

Your high-quality outdoor and functional sports clothing deserves special care. This way, your clothing will look good for a long time and retain its full functionality.

HEITMANN Special Laundry Care was purposefully designed for functional fibres such as membrane fabrics, Sympatex®, Gore-Tex®, soft- and hardshell, fleece, and Lycra. Their membrane protection technology retains membrane properties such as breathability, wind protection, and watertightness.

The colours shine and your textiles take on a subtle, fresh fragrance.

Can be used for up to five applications.

Let’s go outside!

Protection and cleanliness: HEITMANN Special Laundry Care with membrane protection maintains the full functionality of your outdoor clothing. What are you waiting for? The mountains are calling!

How to use



Important information

  • Please refer to the textile manufacturer’s care instructions.
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