The colour care cloths with fabric dye for blue jeans clothing for use in the washing machine.

Old favourite, fresh colour: with HEITMANN Jeans Blue Cloths, you can protect and revive the blue colour of your jeans clothing directly in the wash cycle. Even the yellow tinge, which occurs frequently in worn jeans, disappears. Your jeans look like new with the typical jeans look.

This is made possible by the dye reservoir of the innovative colour care cloths. The high-quality fabric dye is evenly released during the wash cycle. Faded colours are restored immediately. Even faded jeans regain their brilliant colour with regular application.

The colour care cloths are added directly when washing your blue jeans clothing. In this way, you care for your jeans easily, quickly, and reliably. No residue remains in the machine.

The HEITMANN Jeans Blue Cloths can be used for all blue jeans fabrics with the classic jeans look, such as trousers, skirts, jackets, and shirts. Select the washing temperature and detergent as usual.

For ten applications.

Fresh blue for your beloved jeans

Long live the colour power of your favourite jeans! Treat your garments to a regular boost of blue colour and get them looking as good as new again.

How the Jeans Blue Cloths work

How to use

  • Fill the washing machine with blue jeans clothing. Measure out the detergent as usual.
  • Put one Jeans Blue Cloth per pair of jeans into the drum.
  • Start the wash cycle. Dispose of the used cloth in the household waste.
  • How-to-Clip: HEITMANN Jeans-Blau Tücher

    Important information

  • Contains high-quality blue textile dye. Therefore, please only use for blue jeans.
  • Please note the textile manufacturer’s instructions on the care label.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
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