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The Laundry White Cloths without bleach for use in the washing machine.

The practical HEITMANN Laundry White Cloths are added directly to the drum with your white laundry. During the wash cycle, the whitening power booster is gradually released from the cloth, which gets rid of greying and yellowing. Your clothing shines in an even, extremely bright white again.

You can use the cloths for all types of fabric, with the exception of wool and silk.

HEITMANN Laundry White Cloths are suitable for all washing temperatures and detergents.

For up to 20 applications.

Your convenient cloth for an extreme white

It can’t get any easier: HEITMANN Laundry White Cloths are added directly to the drum with the laundry. Your textiles are thus restored to a brilliant white.

Brilliant white for your laundry

You love soft, beautifully white laundry? Then discover the other Laundry White products from HEITMANN today.

How to use

  • Put a maximum of two cloths in the drum with the laundry. Do not overload the washing machine.
  • Measure out detergent as usual and start preferred wash programme.
  • Simply dispose of used cloths in the household waste.
    • Important information

    • The active substance bound to the cloths makes them appear yellowish before use. During the application, however, the active substance is completely dissolved and leaves no residue whatsoever on white textiles.
    • Please note the manufacturer’s care instructions.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Not suitable for wool or silk.
    • Avoid overloading the washing machine—do not use for furniture coverings.
    • Note: The UVA and UVB sun protection filters contained in sunscreens can cause yellowish stains on white textiles, which are often only visible after the textile is washed. These yellowish stains are not caused by the use of HEITMANN Laundry White Cloths and cannot be removed by the cloths.
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