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Power Limescale Remover for fast and safe descaling of coffee machines, kettles, and hot water appliances.

Limescale can impair the performance of your appliances, causing heating elements to consume more energy and tubes to become clogged. Heavy limescale deposits (hard limescale) can even destroy components.

This can easily be prevented with regular descaling. With HEITMANN Power Limescale Remover, you can remove limestone safely and effectively from all coffee machines (such as pod, capsule, and espresso machines as well as fully automated coffee machines), electric and traditional kettles, egg boilers, and hot water appliances. Your appliances will last longer and consume less energy.

HEITMANN Power Limescale Remover with its patented formula works using only natural fruit acids—citric, malic, and tartaric acid—and is fully biodegradable.

Single-use sachet for two applications.

Patented formula using natural fruit acids

The Power Limescale Remover acts extremely quickly so there is no need to leave the product to work. It descales safely using the natural power of citric, malic, and tartaric acid.


    Important information

  • Please refer to the instruction manual of the relevant appliance manufacturer.
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