Liquid Soda is a trusted home remedy for household and laundry care as well as for use around the garden and house.

The practical, predissolved soda is immediately ready for use and can be utilised in many ways. The natural mineral removes grease, dirt, stains, and odours. It allows you to clean your laundry, dishes, unfinished basketry, and surfaces efficiently and ensures food-safe cleanliness.

Even burnt-on food residues in pots and on baking trays can be removed with HEITMANN Liquid Soda. In the garden, the mineral can be used to remove stubborn green from flagstones, wooden fences, and wooden garden furniture, as well as limescale from flowerpots.

HEITMANN pure Soda can be simply dispensed as needed with the bottle cap.

Pure Soda is environmentally friendly. It’s made of sodium carbonate, a naturally occurring mineral.


Soda, Wasser

Liquid Soda is very versatile

How to use

Important information

  • Test on an inconspicuous spot before using on sensitive materials.
  • Not suitable for surfaces that react with alkali, such as marble. Always rinse with hot water afterwards.
  • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
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