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Wash-in impregnation product for use in washing machine or bowl, or for application with a sponge.

Give your clothes outstanding weather protection that’s as good as new. IMPRÄGNOL Bionic Care impregnation product activates the membranes of your functional textiles with its patented, bionic active ingredient—inspired by nature. Provides long-lasting protection against wetness and dirt, even for worn areas. The product does not soften the fibres, so your clothing retains its proper texture.

You can impregnate outdoor and functional clothing, sportswear, and washable shoes in the washing machine or in a bowl.

The impregnation product can be applied with a sponge to rucksacks, tents, tarpaulins, and awnings.

Applying heat after treatment will increase the impregnation effect. Simply tumble dry the impregnated textile (wet or after air-drying). Alternatively, rucksacks and tarpaulins can be ironed or blow-dried.

IMPRÄGNOL Bionic Care impregnation product has been dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.

Dosage: 100–150 ml per kilogram of fabric.

Relaxed in any weather

With impregnation products from IMPRÄGNOL, you can protect textiles and leather against wetness and dirt.

One impregnation product, three applications

Turn up the heat

Applying heat after treatment will increase the impregnation effect. Simply run the impregnated textile through the tumble dryer or use an iron or hair dryer.


Washing machine
  • Remove any detergent residue from the detergent drawer.
  • clean clothing (maximum 2.5 kg) in the drum.
  • Add IMPRÄGNOL Bionic Care impregnation product to the main wash compartment. Use 100–150 ml per kilogram of fabric.
  • Select the impregnation or delicates programme (30°C/40°C).

  • Hand wash
    Make up an impregnation solution in 10 litres of water (dosage: 100–150 ml per kilogram of fabric). Add up to 2.5 kg of textiles and soak for 20 minutes. Then squeeze out carefully

    Sponge application
    First, dampen the textile. Then apply the undiluted impregnation product onto tarpaulins, rucksacks, or awnings with a sponge.

    Important information

  • Observe the instructions on the care labels.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Protect from frost.
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