VAT cut
Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting decline in purchasing power, the German Federal Government has reduced its VAT rate.
We’re delighted to pass on this tax cut to you.

Dear customers, please note that the delivery times are currently longer than normally due to inventory.

In addition some IMPRESAN items are currently not available. Thank you for your comprehension!


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Bathroom and WC: healthy cleanliness guaranteed

The first and most important rule of healthy hygiene is regular and proper handwashing. This is, of course, particularly relevant when using the bathroom. Generally, thanks to thorough cleaning and targeted disinfection, the bathroom and WC is a place of healthy cleanliness. The powerful IMPRESAN Hygienic Bathroom Cleaner supplements your usual household detergent.

Its long-lasting foam removes limescale as well as soap residue and disinfects at the same time.