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Descaling equipment and surfaces

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Washing and caring for laundry

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Hygiene and disinfection

The application time depends on the disinfectant used, so there’s no single answer to this question. Please consult the label on the disinfectant to find out how long it should be left to act and how much you need to use per application. The label will also tell you which germs the product is effective against. Some detergents only get rid of bacteria, but others also kill fungi and viruses, for example.

We recommend our IMPRESAN products for disinfecting hands and surfaces, since these eliminate 99.9 per cent of specific bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Hygiene laundry rinse products are used to disinfect laundry. Using a hygiene laundry rinse product is thus advisable if:

  • a family member is ill
  • your laundry can’t be washed at a temperature of at least 60°C
  • your laundry has an unpleasant smell, as this may be caused by odour-forming germs
  • keeping your textiles germ-free is particularly important to you.

IMPRESAN Hygiene Laundry Rinse products reliably remove 99.9 per cent of specific bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Simply add the product to the fabric softener compartment when you do your laundry.

On its website, the German Federal Centre for Health Education recommends putting the laundry of Covid patients in a separate laundry bag. Wash their laundry at a minimum of 60°C with an all-purpose detergent. Allow the laundry to dry thoroughly afterwards.

It might not always be possible to wash laundry at over 60°C, however. In that case, you can use IMPRESAN Sensitive and IMPRESAN Universal Hygiene Laundry Rinse products to keep laundry germ-free.


Athlete’s foot can spread very quickly, even via small skin flakes. For this reason, socks, towels, and other such items used by someone with athlete’s foot should be kept separate and washed at a minimum of 60°C with an all-purpose detergent.

All IMPRESAN Hygiene Laundry Rinse products are effective against athlete’s foot and can eliminate the pathogens that cause the condition, even in a cold wash. Please observe the dosage and application time.

You can disinfect shoes with IMPRESAN Hygiene Spray 250 ml. Washable footwear can also be treated with IMPRESAN Hygiene Laundry Rinse products in a washtub, for example.

A washing temperature of 60°C or higher reliably kills germs. But you can only be completely sure by boil-washing. However, IMPRESAN Hygiene Laundry Rinse products can disinfect laundry washed at lower temperatures. They reliably remove 99.9 per cent of specific bacteria, viruses, and fungi, even in a cold wash.

If your laundry still smells after it’s been washed, this may be due to odour-forming bacteria. These bacteria also cause clothing to smell again quickly when it’s worn. Functional fibres and delicate laundry are often affected. Both are washed at low temperatures, which means that odour-forming bacteria aren’t reliably removed. IMPRESAN Hygiene Laundry Rinse products also get rid of odour-forming residues, keeping your laundry fresh for longer.


Our tip: Give your washing machine a regular, hygienic clean. Dirty washing machines encourage the build-up of unpleasant odours. You’ll find the ideal machine cleaners and limescale removers from HEITMANN here in our shop.

Deposits are often the source of the problem. To save energy, we prefer washing at low temperatures. However, this allows limescale, dirt, and germs to build up in the machine, causing it to smell.

The solution is to clean your washing machine regularly. HEITMANN Washing Machine Hygiene Cleaners remove limescale, grease, and dirt, leaving your machine hygienically clean and removing unpleasant odours.

Waterproofing leather and textiles

In short, to protect you from wet weather and keep your leather clothes looking good for longer.

Leather is a natural material with open pores. Moisture can penetrate these pores, and dirt can accumulate in them. Impregnation forms an invisible protective layer on the leather. This allows moisture (for example, sweat) to escape from the inside, stops wetness penetrating from the outside, and means dirt can be easily wiped off. Leather shoes or leather clothing stay in good condition for longer and are easier to clean.

It’s best to waterproof new leather shoes with an IMPRÄGNOL impregnation spray before wearing them for the first time. Many shoes are not waterproofed at the factory. The shoes will need waterproofing again when water no longer beads on the surface, if not before. Clean shoes before spraying them with the impregnation spray.

Please don’t use IMPRÄGNOL impregnation sprays on synthetic or patent leather. And don’t spray on plastic parts, rubber, or wood. Waterproofing these materials could remove colour coatings.

Yes. IMPRÄGNOL impregnation sprays work on leather, fabric, and functional fibres. In other words, you can use them to waterproof fabric shoes, canvas shoes, mesh sports shoes, or trainers made of functional fibres. HEITMANN Wash-in Impregnation is also suitable for washable shoes.

IMPRÄGNOL impregnation sprays are suitable for shoes made from lambskin and lamb leather, so you can use them on your UGG boots and, of course, on other boots made of genuine leather, too.

You can use an IMPRÄGNOL impregnation spray on jackets made of fabric or functional fibres. Alternatively, washable jackets can be treated with HEITMANN Wash-in Impregnation. You’ll find all the information you need in our handy guide to waterproofing jackets.

Waterproof leather jackets with an IMPRÄGNOL impregnation spray.

You can waterproof clothing and other items made from leather and suede (as well as other types of leather, such as nubuck and velour leather) with an IMPRÄGNOL impregnation spray. Ensure that the shoes are dry and clean before doing so. Simply apply the spray outdoors onto shoes, jackets, bags, or belts. Further details can be found on the packaging.

Yes, you can waterproof down jackets or down coats with an IMPRÄGNOL impregnation spray. The breathability of your jacket will be retained. Please test the spray on an inconspicuous spot before use.

Yes, waterproofing protects leather handbags against environmental influences, keeping them looking good for longer. It’s best to treat your leather handbag before using it for the first time. To do this, spray the entire bag outdoors with an IMPRÄGNOL impregnation spray. Don’t forget to spray the bottom of the bag, which is subjected to a lot of wear and tear when the bag is put down.

You can treat tents with HEITMANN Wash-in Impregnation. To do this, use a sponge to apply the undiluted impregnation product to the tent (or to a tarpaulin or awning). Heat boosts the impregnation effect. Since tents won’t fit in the dryer, we recommend blow-drying them after waterproofing for optimal protection against the weather.

Yes. Waterproofing prevents dirt from building up in pores or on fabric, so it’s easily wiped off. This is not only helpful for clothing. You can also waterproof small, firm upholstered items, such as chairs. Please first test the spray on an inconspicuous spot and treat the objects outdoors. Wood and plastic parts shouldn’t be sprayed, so they must be covered when waterproofing.

Unfortunately, we can’t give a blanket answer to that question. IMPRÄGNOL impregnation sprays offer long-lasting protection against wetness and dirt. But waterproofing always wears off over time, so a jacket that’s exposed to the elements every day will need to be waterproofed again sooner than a fair-weather shoe. Simply do the water droplet test: allow a drop of water to drip onto the surface. If it runs off, the item is still waterproof. If the water is absorbed, it’s time to reapply the impregnation. By the way, items need to be waterproofed again after washing or cleaning.

You can waterproof sports shoes made of fabric or functional material with an impregnation spray. Don’t treat synthetic or patent leather, as the colour could come off.

Yes. You can waterproof trainers and sports shoes made of fabric. Waterproofing protects against wetness and dirt. Avoid spraying plastic shoe caps.

When waterproofing clothing in a washing machine, pour the impregnation product into the detergent compartment. The impregnation product is washed into the textile, making the job extra easy and convenient. We recommend using our fluorine-free HEITMANN Wash-in Impregnation.

Some washing machines have a special impregnation programme. If this isn’t available, select a 30°C/40°C delicates programme.

Don’t add detergent, as it would reduce the impregnation effect. We recommend that you wash a jacket before waterproofing it. This will remove dirt and sweat residues that can clog the pores, enabling the impregnation product to perform at its best.


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