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Handwashing advice

For healthy hygiene, washing your hands is crucial—as is the way you wash them. “The more the better” is the rule that applies here. Frequent and above all thorough handwashing serves as the primary protection against germs. Start by putting your hands under running water. Then rub hands with soap thoroughly for 20 to 30 seconds. Next, rinse hands under running water and finally dry them.

Disinfect hands and skin: 30 seconds for your health

With IMPRESAN hand sanitiser products, you quickly eliminate over 99.9% of all bacteria, fungi, and specific viruses: effective in only 30 seconds.

How it works:

Put IMPRESAN Hand Sanitiser* or Hand Sanitiser Gel onto dry hands (approx. 3 ml, or 1 teaspoon). Rub solution thoroughly between hands until skin and nails are completely covered. The hands must be kept moist with the sanitiser for 30 seconds while it takes effect.

There are as many germs under one fingernail as there are people in Germany**

Effective hand disinfection also includes the nails, fingertips, and spaces between the fingers.

How long is 30 seconds? Sing twice!

When you disinfect your hands while on the go, you are not really watching the clock. But only by maintaining the correct application time can you ensure that your hands are safely disinfected. Our advice: sing! Sing (in your head if you want) “Happy Birthday!” twice and at a normal speed. It’s not only a cheerful accompaniment to any journey, but also lasts 30 seconds. This way of measuring time is also practical for children.

Why hands should be dry and free from soap

Soap neutralises the effectiveness of disinfectants. After washing your hands, you should therefore rinse them thoroughly under running water and dry them. Wet hands dilute the disinfectant, preventing it from working optimally.

Germs do not become resistant

All IMPRESAN hand disinfectants are based on alcohol and destroy bacteria, fungi, and specific viruses. No resistance is provoked. This only occurs with agents that prevent bacteria from growing instead of destroying them.

* The effectiveness in in-vitro tests against the BVDV and vaccinia viruses in accordance with the recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute allows a conclusion to be drawn with respect to the effectiveness against other enveloped viruses, such as the hepatitis B, HIV, and influenza viruses.

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