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Laundry to make you feel good:

How to get your clothing truly hygienically clean

Hand towels, underwear, and sportswear are ideal breeding grounds for germs. And the horrible thing is that you can’t see them. This means that “clean” textiles aren’t necessarily germ-free after washing. But it’s easy to get your laundry hygienically clean—find out how here.

Before washing: get germs out of their comfort zone

Even before washing, you can make life difficult for germs. Most germs are at home in moist environments—and that’s exactly where you need to start. Ideally, dry used textiles and damp, dirty laundry quickly and wash them as soon as possible. Damp hand towels, for example, shouldn’t be left in the laundry basket, and sports and swimming kits should be taken out of the bag as soon as you get home.

Laundry is only germ-free from 60°C

Germs aren’t reliably destroyed at low temperatures. This only happens by washing at 60°C and above—and you need to boil wash at 90°C to be absolutely certain. You should therefore regularly wash hand towels and any suitable underwear at 60°C. The bleach contained in all-purpose powder detergents also helps to combat germs.

Does a gentle wash help germs multiply?

Lots of modern textiles, however, can’t be washed at 60°C. Even baby clothes are often only designed for a 40°C wash. The same goes for lingerie and modern functional clothing and sportswear. Nowadays, we also tend to prefer gentle and colour-preserving liquid detergents.

At these low washing temperatures (from cold washes up to 40°C), germs and skin fungi can stay on the laundry and even be transferred to other items in the wash. You and your family are then at risk of picking up these germs—even when you’re wearing what appear to be clean clothes.

Just one rinse cycle away from hygienically clean laundry

Ensure healthy hygiene even at low temperatures. You can reliably eliminate 99.9 per cent of specific bacteria, fungi, and viruses in just one rinse cycle using a hygienic laundry rinse from HEITMANN disinfectant products.*

How to use hygienic laundry rinses

When washing in the machine, add HEITMANN Hygiene Laundry Rinse to the softener compartment.** Please refer to the dosage instructions on the bottle. To achieve the best results when using the laundry rinse, the softener compartment must be free of detergent or fabric softener residues. You can also use the laundry rinse product in your final rinse when handwashing. Allow at least 30 minutes for it to take effect.

Hygienically clean laundry to make you feel good

Whether hand towels, blankets to snuggle up in, or heavily used sportswear: those items we interact with so intimately deserve an extra dose of freshness. Enjoy hygienically clean laundry with HEITMANN Hygiene Laundry Rinses.**

More tips

Dry clean laundry quickly:

Don’t leave freshly washed laundry for too long in the drum—dry it as quickly as possible instead.

Leave the door and detergent compartment open:

This way, the inside of the machine can dry after washing, preventing germ formation.

Hygienic machine, hygienic laundry:

Maintain your washing machine regularly. For example, wipe down the door area, especially the rubber seals, and clean the lint filter. The detergent compartment should also be cleaned regularly. A biofilm can form in the inaccessible pipes, which provides a refuge for germs. Regularly washing at 60°C or using HEITMANN Hygiene Laundry Rinse reduces the build-up of these germs too. To remove any existing biofilm, we recommend HEITMANN washing machine cleaners and limescale removers.

*You’ll find a detailed efficacy table on the product itself and on the relevant product page at
**Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.