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The kitchen: a haven for germs

Wussten Sie, dass sich in einer Küchenspüle rund 100.000 Mal mehr Keime finden als in einer Toilette?

This was shown in a study carried out by the Hygiene Council, a group of international experts. Since most people do not realise that there are a huge number of germs in the kitchen and on dishcloths, in particular, they are sometimes a little too careless when working in the kitchen. From a hygienic perspective, the kitchen is an especially sensitive area. It is where foodstuffs—which, by nature, are never free of germs—are processed and come into contact with surfaces and objects. Germs thus spread quickly and enjoy ideal conditions for multiplication.

By implementing just a few measures, you can significantly reduce the number of germs in your kitchen and ensure healthy hygiene.

Four steps to a clean kitchen: