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Travel hygiene

Protect yourself and your family from germs when travelling and in everyday situations.

Easily and reliably with advice and products from IMPRESAN.

Wherever there are a lot of people, there are also a lot of germs. This is especially true when travelling. People are constantly touching the same door handles, using the same toilets, and sleeping in the same hotel beds. And who hasn’t felt the strong urge to thoroughly wash their hands at the end of a long train journey?

Disinfect objects and surfaces: quickly and reliably

Door handles and toilet seats, steering wheels in rental cars, head and arm rests in trains and aeroplanes: items touched by many different people are often home to a large number of germs. With IMPRESAN, you quickly and efficiently eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and specific viruses.

How it works:

  • Surfaces and objects must be dry.
  • Cover surfaces thoroughly and fully.
  • Observe the recommended application time for the product!
  • Complete: over 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and specific viruses are eliminated.

Healthy hand hygiene without water

When on the go, it’s not always possible to wash your hands, yet you are in contact with many things. And in the meantime you pick up your water bottle or quickly grab a bite to eat.

You can ensure healthy hand hygiene even without water by using IMPRESAN. IMPRESAN Hand Sanitiser Gesl are available in a handy bottle. There is space for them in any handbag. IMPRESAN Hand Sanitiser Gels work in 30 seconds, do not drip, and are easy to use.